The Truth Behind Unlimited Online Storage

The growing competition in the online storage market has compelled many providers to upgrade and enhance their services. A common tactic they use is offering unlimited storage space to their subscribers. However, the question many ask is whether or not ‘unlimited’ space exists.  Dropbox, which is considered as one of the cloud storage services around, offers “as much space as a
user needs”. However, it also states that the usage should be reasonable.

So before you get confused and lose your way around cloud storage, read on and discover what unlimited storage really means.

The Story behind ‘Unlimited’ Storage Space

As you already know, many services market unlimited storage space. Yet, like Dropbox, they do have a limit on the storage space they offer to a single subscriber. In fact, you can check whether there is any ceiling applicable to your unlimited storage space by going through your potential provider’s Terms of Service beforehand.

Even if an online storage service does guarantee you unlimited storage space, there is really no way you can check the truth behind this until it’s too late. For one, there has to be a definite volume of data you have that you want to save in the cloud. It could be 200MB or 1TB, who knows. Yet, is 1TB unlimited? You know the answer to that. Since no individual or organization can have unlimited data, there is really no way to ascertain whether unlimited storage space is a possibility. So, why do these companies misrepresent their services?

To be fair, they don’t. In their view, unlimited storage space refers to a contract through which you can keep uploading data to the cloud but without having to pay per gigabyte/terabyte. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the type of data you back up in the cloud.

What’s the Catch?

There are a couple of factors that you need to consider when selecting an unlimited online storage plan.

  • Bandwidth Limit: The online storage service restricts the bandwidth by adding a throttle. This causes the internet speed to drop drastically, making the process slow. It could take ages for you to save a gigabyte of data, which is a common issue in unlimited online storage plans. Then, once you go beyond a certain level, your bandwidth will be restricted. Unlimited space will be of no use if you cannot transfer data with ease.
  • Termination: Reading the Terms of Service ensures that you are aware of any restrictions that may lead to your subscription being terminated. Some online storage services have the right to terminate your contract if you ‘overuse’ their services.
  • File Size: Another restriction applied to unlimited online storage plans is related to file sizes. For instance, you may not be able to upload files or documents that exceed 10GB.

You will find at least one of these restrictions applied to your unlimited online storage plans. This does contradict the notion that you have unlimited storage space at your disposal. However, does this mean that your dreams of unlimited online storage space should be shelved?

The answer to this question depends more on your needs than the company’s offering. On average, a computer user has about 2GB of important data. For that person, even 100GB storage space would be unlimited. On the other hand, an organization with a terabyte of data might find 2TB as limited storage space. It all comes down to how much storage space you actually need.

Yes, There is Hope

Cloud storage services simply cannot afford to offer unlimited storage space. If every user starts exploiting their plans, they will run out of space in no time at all. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot find a reliable online storage provider. Some of the leading services in the market offer substantial storage space sufficient for your needs, including the following two:

  1. ADrive – ADrive offers unlimited storage space. According to the plans outlined on its official website, you can sign up for a plan that offers storage from 200GB to unlimited. However, make sure to read the service’s TOS to check if there are any restrictions. Read review.
  2. FilesAnywhere – FilesAnywhere also offers unlimited storage space as part of its Enterprise plan. You can add up to 100 users to the plan as well. In addition, there is no limit on uploading these files. Read review.

There are other options which go far beyond these, but those are too expensive for even companies. Therefore, give these a shot if you’re interested in unlimited storage.

The Bottom Line

While unlimited storage space per se may not be available to you, you can get the space you need to back up your important files and documents online. Just make sure that you check the service’s website and read the terms and conditions before signing up for an unlimited online storage plan.

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