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MEGA, or, is the successor of Megaupload, a file storage and viewing online service that was seized in 2012 due to copyright infringement. MEGA carries on its predecessor’s legacy by providing high-end file hosting services.



About MEGA

MEGA is probably the latest cloud storage provider around. Launched on January 19th, 2013, which is one year anniversary of Megaupload’s seizure, the service broke records as over 100,000 users signed up for its services within its first hour. Kim Dotcom, the owner of both services, has boasted via Twitter about the large appeal of his latest innovation. In fact, the service garnered one million users within 24 hours only. Currently, the service has over 125 million files contributed by millions of users.

Though Kim Dotcom stepped down as the Director of Mega, he has left behind a very skilled team consisting of Mathias Ortmann, Bram va der Kolk and Finn Batato. All of them are now under the skilled leadership of Vikram Kumar, former CEO of InternetNZ and a strong believer in an “open and uncapturable” internet.

How it Works

Once you direct your browser to the site, you will face a huge button that instructs you to upload your files by clicking it or dragging and dropping your files on it. MEGA comes with a great interface that allows you to view the files you upload instantly. However, you can only save the files on your first session if you register.

You have two options:

  1. Free RegistrationYou can register for free by providing your particulars and get 50GB of cloud storage.
  2. Pro Registration – If that much storage is insufficient, consider getting more along with generous bandwidth quota starting from 8.33€ ($11.25) per month – Annually payment. There are also three monthly additional plans, which start from 9.99€ ($13.50) for 500 GB storage and 1 TB bandwidth.

Features of MEGA

While some call it a pirate’s haven, MEGA has the power to be one of the good cloud storage service providers because of features like the ones below.

  • Client-Side Data EncryptionUsing a top notch AES algorithm, MEGA encrypts data on the client’s system. This ensures that your files remain accessible only to you. This also makes the responsibility of the file’s contents yours only, so MEGA won’t suffer the fate of its predecessor.
  • File Sharing Through Links – You can share your files with other users via links. However, not only does this limit others to only viewing your files, but you can’t cancel someone’s authorization once they get your link.
  • Folder SharingTo share folders, you’ll have to add people’s e-mail addresses to the permission list. If they’re not members of the service, they will be prompted to join. Thankfully, you can revoke permissions whenever you want. Also, people can edit your files as long as they’re in that folder.

The Good of MEGA

Due to these features, MEGA has been able to sign up over five million users. However, that’s not all that drove them to this service. Here are some of its top benefits.

  • Huge StorageIn comparison with other cloud storage services, MEGA comes with 50 GB storage, and that too for free. Considering the fact that you only get 10 GB at most with other services, this is definitely a sweet deal. This means that you’ll have enough space for large files, such as your wedding video.
  • Added Security – So far, MEGA seems to be the most secure option with its encryption feature. Due to this capability alone, members of the business sector can consider this file sharing service.
  • No File Size LimitsThere is no limit to the size of files you can upload. So, simply drag and drop your files and let the service take care of the rest.
  • Quicker Uploading Time – MEGA ensures this essential detail by de-duplicating your data. In addition, no same files can be stored twice on its servers. So if yours is the same, Mega will use the same file for both you and others who downloaded it.
  • Easy User Interface – The website’s user interface is quite easy to use, especially if you had used the Megaupload before. What makes it even more attractive is the fact that it allows you to try the service before you sign up for it.

The Bad of MEGA

Despite its features and pros, there are a number of things which prevent MEGA from reaching the ranks of Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • Bad, Unreliable HistoryBecause it is the reincarnation of an infamous website, MEGA’s existence is still questionable. Therefore, trusting it with important documents won’t be a good idea.
  • Development Issues – The service is still a work in progress, which means that you’re bound to experience downtime and other glitches that can hinder your work or affect your files.

The Bottom Line

MEGA is still hardly a year-old, which means that it will take time to rise to the ranks of its predecessor and other cloud storage options. To prove that, the service released its Android app at the start of the year’s third quarter and is working on developing its iOS app. So, it may be best to trust it with your non-sensitive personal files.

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