Free Online Storage – Who Provides It?

Online storage has become a popular medium for backing up important files and documents. You can save your data on a remote server online using the storage space provided to you by the service you sign up for. When looking for a high-quality online storage provider, you will come across several that claim that they provide free online storage. Given that anything offered for free online is generally frowned upon, should you believe in promises of free online storage? As it turns out, you should. You can definitely get online storage space for free and use it.

How Free Online Storage Works

Most leading online storage services offer free storage space to their subscribers. Their hope is that the subscriber will use up the space they have provided for free and would need more. It is then that they charge the subscriber for the additional space they need. By that time, the subscriber has a good idea of the quality of services offered by the company. That being said, there are some strings attached to the free online storage you receive.

The services they offer to subscribers using free storage are limited. You cannot realistically expect them to provide you the entire range of services without charging a dime. Moreover, there is a limit on the space you can use. Once you cross that limit, you have to sign up for a monthly plan. Few individuals would have enough data to take up the free GBs of storage space offered to them, but organizations can easily use up the space in a matter of days. In other words, individual users might be able to make do with free online storage in the long run.

Quality of Services

The great thing about free online storage is that the providers don’t compromise on the quality of services they offer. As mentioned above, providing free storage is more like offering a sample to a potential customer. They can realistically expect at least 40 to 50% of the subscribers to seek more storage space and ultimately sign up for a monthly or yearly plan. This is why they ensure that the quality of services you receive is top of the line.

Most significantly, the encryption and security of your files and documents is sometimes at the same level as that for the paid accounts. Some of the services also provide round the clock customer support even if the subscriber is not paying for the storage space. That aside, you can set up real-time file synchronization and also back up the folders you have created. So, just because online storage is free doesn’t mean that it isn’t any good.

Who Provides Free Online Storage

When talking about free online storage providers, you will be pleased to know that the leaders in the industry offer it. Here is an overview of some of the best free online storage providers:
Dropbox is among the most well-known online storage services. It offers you up to 2 GB of free space when signing up for an account. The best thing about Dropbox is that it rewards subscribers for referring their friends. You can expand the free storage space available to you until you hit the 18 GB through referrals.
Google Drive is a widely used online storage service. It offers you up to 5 GB free storage space on signing up. You can easily synchronize your Google Drive account with other Google services like Google+ and Gmail. The only catch is that the free space provided to you is divided between Google Drive and Google+.
MEGA is perhaps the most benevolent of all free online storage providers. Founded after Megaupload got shut down, offers you up to 50 GB of free space on signing up. That is sufficient space for most computer users to store their files and documents safely.
SkyDrive is Microsoft’s answer to Google Drive. SkyDrive provides 7 GB free storage space when you sign up. You can store pictures, music, movies and any other type of content you want. You can use your Outlook account to share files as well as edit any Microsoft Office files you have saved on the server.
You get 5 GB free storage space from Box on subscribing to the service. There are no restrictions on the type of data you upload to the cloud. Plus, you can create multiple folders to organize the files you have saved in your Box.


These are some of the leading free online storage providers. If you are looking to back up your important files and documents, you can get it done without paying a cent by using these services. You can also consider these as a trial since they allow you to test the service without paying a single dime. So make sure to avail these services.


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