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Launched in cyberspace in 1999, FilesAnywhere is one of the pioneering cloud-based storage services. It offers both personal and commercial users with backup storage space, syncing and collaboration features, and cataloging capabilities. If you’re in the market for a new cloud storage service, read the following lines to decide whether FilesAnywhere is the right solution for you.

Who FilesAnywhere is For

FilesAnywhere is a well-designed web interface that serves the storage needs of users with fast broadband connections and high storage needs. The solution is customized for three categories: personal, professional and enterprise.

Personal Use

You can get the personal package with 1 GB free or update it to 20 GB, 40 GB or 80 GB for $4.99, $9.99 and $19.99 respectively. You will also be able to avail features like:

  • Sending and receiving large files
  • Sharing password-protected files
  • Access through iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and BlackBerry apps
  • Online form generator

The paid version also comes with different features like custom backup and sync, editing features, and inbound faxing.

Professional Use

Professional use allows you to connect, share and collaborate with ten users at a time. You will receive 100 GB storage along with the following value adding specs.

  • Online collaboration through the data centralization app GroupShare
  • FileShare and FileReceive features with comments enabled for easier collaboration
  • Mobile faxing from FilesAnywhere to any machine worldwide
  • Version control with detailed tracking and history
  • Role-based access controls like report generation and storage allocation
  • Data restoration for deleted files or previous versions
  • Branding and custom content solutions

How much you pay for this service will depend on the apps you add to your cloud storage solution and the features you choose.

Enterprise Use

The enterprise version can support up to 100 users and boost your business continuity efforts. This FilesAnywhere package comes with the same features of the professional use one and includes:

  • Instant data recovery without on-premise appliances
  • Mobile access to all the features of enterprise use
  • Cross-platform operation with the browser of your choice
  • Optimized data transfers similar to FTP and SFTP but more enhanced and mobile device friendly

Like the professional use plan, the enterprise plan is customizable. Therefore, no price is listed on the website. You can, however, check out a demo and decide whether this is the solution for you before you contact FilesAnywhere’s sales representatives for quotes.

The Pros of FilesAnywhere

In a highly competitive industry like cloud storage, the fact that FilesAnywhere managed to survive over a decade is applaudable. Some of the factors that ensure its survival and popularity with users thus far are:

  • Flexible Pricing – You don’t have to worry about spending astronomical amounts to create a data backup. Personal use plans aside, it is you who determines how much you pay since you get to choose what to add to your system.
  • Online Faxing Capabilities – Businesses of all sizes will appreciate this feature since it further ensures a paperless office environment. Besides, it makes FilesAnywhere more comprehensive than ever.
  • Multiple Features in One Solution – You won’t only get backup features with this platform. You will also be able to share, collaborate and sync on different devices. This is useful for both business and individual use.
  • High Security – Aside from conventional data security algorithms, FilesAnywhere ensures high security through its daily snapshots and data restoration features for personal package users and role-based controls for the other two.
  • Ease of Use – The interface is extremely user friendly and you can easily interact with it. However, this may be a little complex for those new to cloud storage and sharing.

What’s Missing in FilesAnywhere

As attractive as FilesAnywhere may be, there are a few things missing that may make you hesitate a little before choosing it.

  • More Business Oriented Features – If you’re planning on creating backup for your personal data, you may be getting a little than what you bargained for. Not only is the free package’s storage limit low, but you don’t get many features. Even those which you get when you pay will be more suitable for work than play.
  • Tedious PC-based Backup Utility – This utility is so complex that people are getting frustrated using it. It also performs slowly due to its integration limitations.
  • No Linux Support – Aside from Windows and Mac OS X and iOS, FilesAnywhere doesn’t provide support to many platforms. This means that Linux users will be deprived of this cloud sourcing solution.
  • No Care for Aesthetics – With so many new apps created with aesthetics in mind, many may choose to forgo using FilesAnywhere just because it looks relatively drab.

The Bottom Line

FilesAnywhere isn’t your conventionally hip cloud storage solution, but it is one of the oldest and best, especially for members of the business sphere. You are welcome to go for this solution, but keep in mind that FilesAnywhere itself isn’t up to anything new in the future, so you may have to rely on third party apps for other features and capabilities.



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  1. By: Eric
    Date: November 13, 2015 at 9:41 pm
    Overall Rating
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    There are so many better, cheaper, alternatives like box, dropbox, onedrive, etc. Service is extremely slow compared to others, much more expensive and has horrible billing practices.

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