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ADrive is the mind child of storage and networking industry moguls. It was created to offer people from different sectors the chance to enjoy free storage and online backup. Since its first release in 2007, ADrive has come a long way, making a name for itself as one of the best service providers today.

What ADrive Has to Offer

ADrive offers all of its users a competitively large amount of storage as well as numerous features that make using this service worthwhile.

  • SCP, SFTP and Rsync Transfer – ADrive can easily transfer your files over SSH using SCP, SFTP or Rsync. You can even manage SSH keys to further guarantee secure access.
  • Search Tool – One of the time-saving tools this service has to offer is Easy Search Tool. With it, you can find the file you need without opening and exploring each directory or folder.
  • Zoho – Using Zoho technology, you can easily edit your word processing documents, presentations and spreadsheets remotely through your ADrive account.
  • Expiration Date – To ensure the privacy and secrecy of your documents, you can set an expiration date on the files you share. That way, the files will be unshared and you won’t have to worry about data leaks.
  • File History Recovery – ADrive creates snapshots of your files on Sunday at 12:01 AM and keeps it stored securely until the following Sunday. With this feature, you have the option to retrieve any file.
  • Larger File Support – This cloud storage solution has a file size limitation from 2 GB to 16 GB. So, you can store and share larger files using ADrive.
  • Multiple User Accounts – This feature is definitely one of the strengths of the service. You can customize the storage capacity of your plan and decide how many people can access your account.
  • WebDAV – With WebDAV, users can connect their ADrive accounts to their computers without logging into the service’s web interface.

However, keep in mind that you probably won’t be getting all of these features. The type of plan you choose determines the features you receive.

The Plans ADrive Offers

ADrive offers its plans through three categories: Personal, Business and ADrive Enterprise. What each entails is listed below.

Personal Plan

For personal users, ADrive offers two types of options: the free Basic option and the pricey Premium package. The Basic one offers you 50 GB of file storage along with an app for Android and iOS mobile devices. You also get the Easy Search Tool, international character support, and access to Zoho among other useful features.

However, if 50 GB is less for you, consider shifting to the Premium plan where you can get 100 GB of storage space.  By paying a fee that starts from $2.50 a month, you can enjoy features like online collaboration, WebDAV, multiple concurrent sessions, and zero 3rd party advertisements.

Business Plan

Business users get all of the perks of the Personal plan along with Expiration Date, Folder upload, FTP and Remote File Transfer. With these, you can make your business processes run smoothly and upload as much data as you need. After all, you’re getting somewhere between 200 GB to unlimited storage starting from $7 a month.

Enterprise Plan

For enterprises, ADrive offers four services: Cloud Storage, Cloud Backups, Private Cloud Storage, and On-Site Storage with Cloud Backups. These are useful for both resellers and large businesses alike. You will need to contact ADrive’s customer representatives for quotes though.

The Strengths of ADrive

There are a number of reasons which make ADrive a good cloud storage solution for you. Some of those are:

  • Ease of Editing – You can easily edit your files regardless of where you are and trust the sync feature to update them in your account. This saves your time if you’re usually on the go.
  • Large Free Storage Capacity – With most service providers not cross the 10 GB limit, it is impressive that ADrive manages to provide 50 GB at no cost.
  • Ease of Use – The interface is quite easy to manipulate, so you don’t have to be an IT expert to operate it.
  • Free Trial for Paid Plans – You get a 14-day free trial to check out how ADrive feels. Though it’s 16 days less than most, it is better than no trials such as in the case of SkyDrive.  

The Limitations of the Service

ADrive hasn’t reached the top like its peers because it comes with a number of faults, including:

  • No Value for Money – Despite the low cost, the service’s features are extremely basic. Even the scheduling mechanism is primitive and not automated.
  • Lack of Security for Free Version – The free version of ADrive doesn’t come with encryption. So, if you ever have sensitive data on you, the last place they should be is on the servers of this cloud storage option.
  • No Customer Service – If you meet up with a snag, you won’t get customer support to help you out. Even the company’s e-mail service has been graded poor by many users.

The Bottom Line

ADrive has a long way to go, which is why you should consider another service if you have sensitive data that you need uploaded. However, if it’s just music files and similar data, the 50 GB space will be worthwhile.



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